Monday, May 16, 2011

Building paper towers.

On the first week of term 2 rm 16 was making paper towers all we need to make it is same peaces of paper and 1meter of tap , glue and same scissors and we have to be in three groups or four and when we started we had to go in four groups i was with eleva, sanolita, elizabith, and i was a team but we didn't no what to build so elizabith made some ideas but moteo’s group was the best at it because they made it stand by it self. It was kind of hard and we didn't know what to do and we all started to think of an ideas to make it stand by it self like moteo's one. I was thinking of some thing to do but the time was up and Mr s told us to sit on the mat with what we made but we didn't made any thing yet. Dillon really wanted to win but he come in second place I think.

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