Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pt England Narrative

Pt England reserve had a new giant rock sitting in the shore. It was a really good day to dive of that awesome rock.  ‘’Yay!’’ we all yelled as we ran inside the car ready to head down to the beach. We had everything ready for the day. I just couldn’t to swim in the freezing water to cool down. It was really hot i was about to faint my head was going to blow up in a minute.

As we got to the beach i quickly got changed into my togs and ran to the beach. Sweat was rushing down my face i felt like melting.’’ Boom!’’ I was finally lying in the cold beach i was cooling down when suddenly something big and blue washed up in the shore, I walked towards it  and noticed it was a baby whale it looked a lot bigger but it certainly needed help.

‘’Mum Mum Mum!’’ I called from across the field.... As I got to my mum i told her about the whale so she called for help.. I ask her who she called?  She said she called the animal rescue put the whale back in the ocean. 20 seconds later a big helicopter  flew to the ocean. My family and I ran as fast as we can to see.

We all got there in time to see the whale. The big helicopter had a big net which they had to put the whale inside the net and then they gently placed the whale into the ocean. I was so happy to see the whale back in its habitat. The whale was happy because he was doing funny flips like he used to do gymnastics.