Friday, July 20, 2012

Joshua Iosefo Brown Brother.

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. He and all the other prefects had to write a speech to read to the whole school. But Joshua decided to write a poem about his skin color called brown brother. When Joshua read his poem in front of the whole school his friend Roshard recorded him and then his friend posted him saying his poem on youtube.

Joshua’s poem Brown Brother was very inspiring and it kind of sounded like a rap. His message is to don't believe or listen to stereotypes and don’t believe what others say about you. His message was similar to the korero that we say at Pt England School.

He wrote a great poem and it was life changing. It was better when he did some actions to all the words. That was the best poem I have ever heard from a prefect and it was trying to tell us something about stereotypes.

Click on this link to see his speech.

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