Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Term....

What an exciting Term this Year. I have learnt many things and I know like writing.. I learnt how to edit movies and post them on my blog, I learnt how to think about others and use my wits. For maths I have learnt how to order fractions and Smart doubles. Fractions are hard to learn but fun to read.
I made awesome Friends that are crazy and loud, They support me in everything I do and even when i'm sad. I call my friends sisters because we do everything together, we even hang out on saturday’s. My friends names are Turuhira, Kimberly, Elizabeth, Ana, Analiz and Dante.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Group Stories.

The unexpected broken ankle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Emily playing on the park. Everyday Emily would walk to the playground with her friends. Emily and her friends would always swing on the monkey bars. But one day while she was swinging on the monkey bars and jumped off. On the way home Emily felt something strange in her ankle. She asked her mum “what is wrong with my ankle!”. Emily’s mother didn’t know and so they went to the doctors. Because of that the doctor said that she has an unexpected broken ankle. Ever since, her friends asked her if she wanted to play at the monkey bars she would have to refuse because her ankle needed more rest.

The moral of the story is to be careful of what you’re doing!


Once upon a time there lived a man that loved fireworks and his name was Rob.

Every day Rob would walk outside in the dark and stare at everybody’s fireworks.
But one day there was a box that was delivered to Rob’s house. It was a box filled with fireworks from his family that lived in the south Islands. Because of that those were the  most dangerous fireworks in the world.

Also a song was released on fireworks day by Katy Perry named Fireworks. Rob was the person who had recently written this song. Rob was invited to tour with Katy on her California Dreams tour. He was living the high life, enjoying each moment. Until finally Rob became best friends with Katy Perry. Ever since, Rob and Katy finally got married together.

The moral of the story is you can do anything in your life.

Family Trip

Once upon a time on a sunny day, Zak and his family wanted to go on a family trip to disneyland. Every morning to the afternoon they sold buns at botany mall next to KiwiYo to make money so  they could have enough dollars to book a flight to disneyland. Because of that a thief who likes buns took them all. Zak and his family had nothing to eat, What could they do now?So they thought hard about who would love hot buns! Until finally they thought of one thing, their little sister loved buns. They searched everywhere until they found the hot buns under the little sisters bed. Her family was very cross at her and left her at her aunt's house. The family had heaps of fun at disneyland while the little girl did chores at her aunt's house.

The Moral of the Story: is to not steal or you would regret it.

Learning To Fly

Once upon a time there was a girl named Kelly who loved to fly. Everyday she would wake up and fly around the neighbourhood. Her wings were as shiny as raindrops on spider webs. But one day a witch cast a spell on her because she was too beautiful. Because of that she became ugly and her wings fell off.  After that kelly began to sob and sob, her wings were her life. Being able to fly gave her freedom. Now she was wingless. She is now unable to fly. Until finally she lifted her arms and started to fly once more. Ever since Dante knew how to fly and achieved her dreams......

The moral of the story is to keep trying and never give up.

The Ghost

Once upon a time there was a haunted house right next door to Emily who was very curious about this house. Everyday Emily walked past the house next door and she would always see many strange things. Because of that Emily asked her mum, who was living there. Because of that her mum told her a little story about the haunted house. Because of that Emily got really scared and never walked past the house again. Until Finally she called the Ghostbusters and they came and burned the house down. Ever since Emily has become a celebrity in her town and is training to join the ghost busters.

The Moral of the story is ask for help if you are scared of something.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Key on Frosty grass, 100 words.

Lilly just moved into a house near a big forest, every morning was so frosty and freezing cold. There was a door at the end of the hallway, but it couldn’t open. One morning Lilly went to explore the garden. It looked so magical, everything shimmered and shone brightly. Lily stood on something hard, she looked and found a key on frosty grass. What could this open? She whispered to herself. Suddenly she ran to the locked door in the hallway and tried the key. “YAY! it fits!” she shouted with joy, however she was left wondering, what wa inside.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sponge-bob Story

On a sunny day Patrick and Spongebob went to the beach. “Wooo”! Spongebob yelled as he surfed his way threw the wave, 2 second later he fell with a big splash!

Patrick saw Spongebob from the distance. “Oooo”! Patrick watched spongebob while he shook his head and closed his eyes competitively.

He knew a very good idea, “Apply The Sauce” Patrick qwerted the glue to his feet and board with a big smile on his face so he won’t fall.

I will not be separated from this surfboard Patrick screamed while he was riding between the waves..

He was scared and Rock! Separate! Separate! he shouted as he hit the rock.

I like your sandals, Thanks we’re inseparable.