Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Ben Carson Was born in Detroit Mexico, When Ben Carson was young everybody called him dummy. Ben Carson had a bad temper and was very violent. Sonia his mother was thirteen when she got married she had two jobs.

Sonia told Ben and his brothers to do their homework before watching television and they even had to write two book reports about the stories they had read every week.
Ben Carson Was struggling with his school work. When he finished reading all his books and his written book report he was at the top of his class when he had astonished his class mates.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sesalina @ Pt England School: My Learning Goals 2012 Sesalina

Sesalina @ Pt England School: My Learning Goals 2012 Sesalina

At the pool's!!

Did you know that the Warriors came to the pools while the Pt England year Seven and Eight's on their camp time. All the boys were shouting out WARRIORS WARRIORS more then three times. Every body rushed to the diving pool and jumped of the diving board. The hydro slide broke. I can't believe I messed out all the fun that they had at the pools.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pt England School Picnic

On a beautiful windy and cloudy Friday Pt England school decided to go down to Pt England reserve for a swim and to have a nice picnic with our friends. When we got to the reserve I was looking forward to go for a swim, Elizabeth and I started getting ready for when its our turn for a swim, then we got to take same awesome photo’s with the camera first we went down to the beach and took some video’s of the year1 making clay and sand castles. After that me and Elizabeth started covering our selves in sand Elizabeth looked like a chubby mermaid and she had shell’s all over her.

Then it was our turn for a swim I rushed and got my tall and sprinted in to the ocean I was splashing with excitement I dived under the water trying to be a beautiful mermaid. I saw Jessica lifting people on her shoulder’s I really wanted a turn so I went to her she told me to jump on her shoulder’s and I did when she lifted me up I was so scared I jumped off her back doing a big bomb in to the water and I went all the way to the ground. when I stood back up I started doing free style racing with Elizabeth I was winning. When Mr Burt “said you have 1 more minute’’
I started diving into the water and jumping on my friends shoulders trying to make the most of my time I started to look for nice rocks so when I come back from school I can make something out of it. I went on top of the big rock that Mr Harris was standing on. Then I slided of the rock and fell back into the water. Then Mr Burt said it’s time to get out of the water then I sprinted out of the water like lighting and got my tell and dried up.

After that I went and had a worm shower I was trying to get the sand of f my hair and got changed. It was lunch time I got out my sandwiches and went to get some fruit from Mr J. I was so disappointed at Osana because she wouldn’t let me have turn on the camera because she had like A whole hour on it but She was always kind to me so I let her have it for the whole day.

Then it was time for karaoke Elizabeth had a turn she was laughing and it was funny I was to shy to go up in front of every body. Rita was the only brave one there she stood up in thront of every body and started singing and clapping she was so good at this.