Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tyrannasaurus Rex

I found this dinosaur and I saved it in pictures and went on a new post and we up loaded the picture. We made a link by coping the URL from the website where I found this picture.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a Link

This is a photo that I up louded and added a link to it to show where I got it from.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pt England

http://www.coolmath4kids.com/play a really cool game.

Being in Pt England is grate and fantastic because I really like my net book
it made me type a little bit fast and I can look after my own little laptop I
wait to take it home with me I can show my mum what i have done and
what do i do on my net book. for people in my family have net book soana
had a net book for her prize at her school tamaki collage.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When my class left me to go camp.

When camp started on Wednesday I had to stay at rm 13 because I was not going camp and I said to my self I missed a lot of fun but I’m going next year I hop I will. I really! like going in rm13 cause miss moued is a cool and fun teacher but not better then Mr somerville. When I got there I made friends with taamai and I had lots of fun and then my sister sisilia played to so we went to our old class my class is rm 16 and taamai is in rm 15 and sisilia is in rm14.

We had peace and quite then we practice i dance four glee and sang stop look and listen and after that taamai made up a song it was a slow song. our teacher told us if we want to go and say hi to our friend but we were shy so we did’t want to go.Room 13 had lots of fun with us and miss moued is giving out prezzies to the people that was working had and i tried my best to be good taamai and sisilia was making me laugh a lot so I got in big trouble. FINALLY it was Monday back on my own class.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Art is one of my favourite activities because it is fun and you can do your own drawing, painting and colouring. Even I like to practice to draw myself, but it turns out that I'm not so bad. So I gave it to my dad and he stuck it on the wall in my room and it looked perfect. I hope everybody likes art just like me.

Japan's Earthquake

Dear people in Japan we are sorry for your loss and god bless you. We wish you are all right and sorry that a bad thing like this happened to you and Christchurch. This earthquake has destroyed your life and made a tsunami that made big booms of massive fireballs in the sky. There were roads riped up right in the middle so no cars can go pass because it might brake and make it fall. So we feel bad because many family's haved died.


Who likes shopping? I do, because we can buy what ever we want, like shoes that would be great to buy. Even it will be so fun to go with your friends or sisters together. Shopping's all about fashion because it has the looks. I like shopping cause its fun and we don't have to stay home and do nothing. It is real fun. I went shopping once but shopping's fun and you can look at other things that you haven't seen before. So when I grow up I will go shopping every day like my big sister as she goes to the mall with her friends.

Friday, March 4, 2011

my best friends forever

My best Friends are the coolestgirls in the world we share every thing together two of them is named maru and eleva there coachers are cook island and Tongan and my name is sesalina. Having to nice friends are fun they make you smile like you never before and they looks after you even if you get heart all cry. We are all good at running and sports two because iv came 3 on cross country.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hi my name is sesalina. I love sports because it is good to be fit, strong and healthy and is good for our bodies. Sport has fun games like rugby, netball, touch and basketball. You can play it with your own friends.

Sesalina's Wordle

This is a wordle all about me. I wrote these things because they are my favourite things. It has words that are mix in different places. I have written some of my brothers and sisters and other words about me.