Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Friend

Aliza Milani

Aliza is a sporty girl who has long gold hair with nice light light brown eyes. She likes wearing converses and vans shoes. Aliza likes to verse people at games and she also loves pets. Eliza is a year 8 student at Pt England School she has 2 brothers and 1 thats still in their moms stomach and 1 sister, Her dads Tongan and her mothers niuean.

Eliza is a awesome because she is very creative and haves a lot of ideas when we start to write. Eliza can’t wait until camp she just wants to jump in the bus and head off. Every time we play hand ball she wins because she is the best at hand ball I think?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Reflection!!

This year has been great because I was finally a year 7, and then i realized that it wasn’t so bad i thought i will get everything wrong and then I started to learn it and a few weeks later I was good at that subject (Math). Pt England School has a wonderful Intermediate it looks beautiful just like a Marae.

I enjoyed a lot in the year 2012! I want to try and do a lot better in school and i had a fun time at camp. In the beginning of the year i was a lot shy and everyone looked  different with their new hairstyles. I was in a amazing class which is room 20. I had my friends in room 19 but then i made new friends who was Eliza Milani and Elizabeth Cecil, They were awesome and kind and they both played rugby. My class is loud because they sing out loud all the time and shout to each other. THIS YEAR IS THE BEST!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Silently swimming Freddy the monster slowly crawled out of the lake sniffing the yummy smell of toasted marshmallow. ‘’Mmm!’’ said the Freddy.. Boom freddy started doing tricks freddie's eyes  sparkled as freddys cuteness shinned. Sonny the little boy frew a marshmallow at Freddy, and thats when Sonny realized that Freddy was only here for the Marshmallow. So Sonny keep feeding Freddy until Sonny ran out Of marshmallows.  “Ahh no more marshmallows’’ sonny ran for his life. Freddy sprinted to sonny and sonny grabbed a pillow and frew it away, Sonny ran away in the forest and Freddy got the pillow and toasted it but the pillow disappeared leaving Freddy with a frown.

NetBook Reflection

Having a Netbook is a amazing because we can research a lot of different things. Using google is fun we use it for a lot of important research like history or how to make toys and more awesome ideas. Everyone in Pt England haves there own google docs and there own email which is used for writing and sending important messages to others.  We have our own blogs for visitors to read or comment. Who doesn't like using netook!!!

When i first got my Net book i was so happy because using a pen or pencil is harder than typing in words on the keyboards. My net book is very useful because I learn better when I use my net book I make shore I'm in the right place. I use my netbook for learning not silly things I take appropriate photo, I charge my netbook every night ready for school, I put my netbook in a safe place so it doesn't break or get stolen.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Poet About my Room

Where I am from : I smell fresh perfume  

Where I am from: I smell laundry

Where I am from: I hear loud snoring

Where I am from: I hear peace and quiet

Where I am from: I hear beautiful music

Where I am from: I touch soft blankets

Where I am from: I touch netbooks

Where I am from: I feel safe

Where I am from: I feel Lazy

Where I am from: I feel tired

Where I am from: I taste sweet chocolate

Where I am from: I taste delicious Chips

Where I am from: I taste a lot of different kinds of lollies

Where I am from: I see colors

Where I am from: I see the internet

Where I am from: I see myself falling asleep

Where I am from: I sleep peacefully

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forest Narrative

Marching on dim grass the soldiers had begun their biggest nightmare of all time.
The sky was dull, it was pouring with rain what could happen next.
Shaking with horror soldiers prayed for help.  “Get Down” yelled the captain as he realized war had began. ‘’AHHH’’ Soldiers screamed running to kill their enemy. Soldiers hid away others scared and threatened. The other Team was Strong all their mens looked huge and unafraid. I had a feeling we're going to lose.

‘’SAM’’ Screamed for help everyone was too scared until someone Appeared Who called it be I asked to my self. That man ran with his humongous sword and chopped of the mans head. Sam was happy to live. A man called ‘’THANK YOU PRINCE CHARLES’’ My face was stiff I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Prince told us to be brave and he knew we could do it..

Everyone wasn’t scared at all because the prince was there to help. ‘’NOO’’ our enemies Yelled as all their Soldiers had been killed 1 by 1. Our army got Stronger and Stronger we were like lighting. “YaaaY’’ our army yelled There were no more other soldiers standing from the other team.

Barn Narrative

“William’’ Where are you your not funny come out, Sesalina yelled as she was about to cry with a heavy heart. There was no reply. “Oh who cares,” Mele said “He’s probably hiding somewhere alone with his animal friends.” “ Hey that barn over there gives me the creeps,” Sesalina lets go see if Williams there. ‘’NO’’ what if someone bads in there Sesalina said’’.
‘’I really can't see a thing with all the fog shrouded everywhere’’ Sesalina replied,’’ Find a switch’’ Sesalina Found she replied. A familiar sound was coming inside of a room. I ran quickly to check it out and there was William. Tears came down his eyes like rain. . He stood up and hugged me really tight with a humongous smile on his face.

‘’Lets go this freaks me out’’ Sesalina whispered. Sorry for leaving William said with a sad look on his face. I had a big smile on my face again. ‘’Come on guys lets go back to camp where its safe mele’’ replied.
‘’Lets tell mum and dad about our scary adventure William shouted’’. ‘’Ok but you think they will get angry’’..... Said sesalina.
‘’Hurry up’’ Winned Mele....

The Bush

‘’Noo!’’ I don’t want to go its smells like poo there. There are a lot of snakes and scary insects in the forest I yelled to my mum as she was getting ready for our trip to the forest. Everyone was so happy except  for me. For some reason  I hated the wild I was afraid of a lot of scary things even monsters. My two brothers were the first ones ready in the car they had humongous smiles on their faces. ‘’Sesalina’’ hurry its time to go said Mum. I ran into the car scared of everything but I just pretended to stay happy.

As we arrived the forest it was full of bushes and the trees were enormous. I just can’t stop thinking about all the wild animals that might be in this threatening place. We started our adventure walking on the paths looking if we're heading the right direction. My little brother Toni found some warms He threw them at me I screamed and ran I was crying because i had one stuck in my hair. I grabbed it but it looked very scary but i managed to hold it.

I started to like the forest because there a lot of scary things but i could see bunnies birds and a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall was amazing i just wanted to dive in the water but if only i brought some togs with me. My mum thought  this was a lovely place to have a picnic. So we had a lot of yummy food and Mum even Brought my favourite sandwich. After that we started to explore the forest a little more.

I found a lot of deep holes in the ground but I didn’t go near it. I started to get used to the forest and the scary animals started to be my helpful friends. I took the rabbit with me as my pet to take home. I had placed it in the cage roughly because it was a lot of getting used to. My mum and dad were talking about the beautiful singing witch the birds were doing. My brothers were scaring each other and laughing at their own silly faces. The forest was my 2nd best friend And Mele, Elizabeth and Aliza was my first best best friend.
I started visiting the forest more often.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pt England Narrative

Pt England reserve had a new giant rock sitting in the shore. It was a really good day to dive of that awesome rock.  ‘’Yay!’’ we all yelled as we ran inside the car ready to head down to the beach. We had everything ready for the day. I just couldn’t to swim in the freezing water to cool down. It was really hot i was about to faint my head was going to blow up in a minute.

As we got to the beach i quickly got changed into my togs and ran to the beach. Sweat was rushing down my face i felt like melting.’’ Boom!’’ I was finally lying in the cold beach i was cooling down when suddenly something big and blue washed up in the shore, I walked towards it  and noticed it was a baby whale it looked a lot bigger but it certainly needed help.

‘’Mum Mum Mum!’’ I called from across the field.... As I got to my mum i told her about the whale so she called for help.. I ask her who she called?  She said she called the animal rescue put the whale back in the ocean. 20 seconds later a big helicopter  flew to the ocean. My family and I ran as fast as we can to see.

We all got there in time to see the whale. The big helicopter had a big net which they had to put the whale inside the net and then they gently placed the whale into the ocean. I was so happy to see the whale back in its habitat. The whale was happy because he was doing funny flips like he used to do gymnastics.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iesafo

Quietly our whole senior school was waiting for a special guest to arrive, his name was Joshua Iosefa!! When Joshua walked in the hall he looked a lot different from when he looked on the news and the video we had watch of him . He told us a lot of stories about how he wrote his speech and why he wrote it. I was so excited to see him say his speech and how he was on campbell Life.

We ask joshua a lot of questions. Like how he wrote Brown Brother Speech?
He even told us what intermediate he went to, and a lot of information about him his family including his Grand parents. He was funny at the same time and he really inspired me a lot and Joshua talked about his friends and how one of his friends were pregnant . It was a great inspiration seeing Joshua and his parents because i always wanted to see him in real life and so it did come true.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


term me and my buddies always liked to draw the best Cup cakes in a colourful Book with different kinds of papers. In our Colourful books we had all kinds of cupcakes we had drew, cupcakes with flowers on top and even twirly cream on top and sprinkles. Aliza and Mele was the best they had beautiful idea's and lovely decorated peace to make their cupcakes look awesome.
I had no good idea's so I keep copying Aliza I think she was the best of the best.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yr 7 and social

Lights were flashing and the hall was full of dancing girls and boys as if a concert. All my friends looked amazing they were singing the songs that were playing. The hall was shaking and the ground was rumbling and everyone was making a beat of sound.
Mubba looked beautiful in her mullet skirt.

Social was awesome!! When the GANGNAM song came on everyone was going wild and they were doing a dance to that song. It was really fun and crazy so that was the best thing about the social.

‘’Daggy ,Daggy’’!! everyone screamed trying to find the best daggy dancer it was like a challenge. Mary Loseli was taking the dance floor she was the master of dagging but sadly someone else had beaten her daggy style. There was a lot of challenges different Girls and Boys were winning.

Sausages were given out even drinks. The lights were colourful and the boys were dancing like they were getting married. Some of the girls were Sitting and the others was showing off their dance move. There was a long conga line running around the hall going crazy. There even was a funky style of clothes and shoes.The music was loud and the DJ was playing funny songs even the best.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sport Rotation!

“Yay!” everyone shouted as we sprinted in the hall ready for something new and different!
Our whole senior school were having a rotation of activities while our teachers were looking at the junior school. Everybodys face was happy, smiling like barney. We were all separated into house group I was in Te Arawa 4!! The leaders for my group was Aiden and we did a lot of different activities which were awesome and fun.

Jump Jam was fun and awesome everyone was stumping there feets trying to go with the beet. The room was shaking and the chair was falling onto the carpet just like an earthquake. Girls were shy, Boys were challenging each other and Miss M was shouting out loud. ‘’Ha Ha’’ Everybody giggled and laughed as they all dance to the rhythm.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal Setting Rubric...

This is one of my animations that i have to improve because i really want to be a good netball player for my school.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country 2012!!!!

BANG!! Everyone sprinted and ran trying to win the race. All the girls put on a burst of speed around the rugby field trying to be the top eight. YAY! Everyone shouted and cheered for their team mates. "Go Te Arawa!" all my friends said trying to cheer me on. My legs were getting tired but I didn’t want to give up so I jogged mostly through the grass. All the girls were looking back to see if anybody had caught up to them, but all the other girls were just walking.

Eww! Mud splattered around my clothes and my shoes were dirty and smelt really bad. The Reserve was muddy all over  and I slipped down the steep steps as I was finding my way through the treacherous track. My arms were hurting and my legs were about to collapse as was sprinting so I started walking my way out of the track.

With determination and perseverance I was trying to run my best. I was gasping for breath as I was trying to run around the reserve the final time, trying to get my place in the top eight. The older boys ran passed me and I keep jogging and jogging. I could see the the finish line and I only saw 5 girls in my age group lining up to put their name on the list. When I ran to the finish line everyone was cheering.  It was as noisy in a sports stadium.  I was lucky enough to be in the top eight. Feeling really happy for my achievement I had a huge smile on my face.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sesalna and Aliza-Smoking.

People around the world smoke and that causes a big problem. Did you know that there are 4,000 chemicals in every single cigarette. Because of these chemical people who smoke can get sick or end up in the hospital ready for their lives to end. Smoking is a very bad idea because if you smoke for the first time then your body will want more and more because it is addictive. When the smoke gets into your body it damages everything even your heart and brain including your lungs.

More and more people buy smokes and they don’t realise they're spending more than 105 dollars every week if they smoke about a pack a day. Some people waste their money on smokes even though they have nowhere to live. Instead of buying smokes people would have a lot more money to buy shopping or things for their children.

When you smoke it can also affect your appearance. You start to have wrinkles because the smoke dries your skin. Smoking can cause a lot of problems such as it gives you stained teeth and even bad breath.

As you know teenagers around the world smoke, Why do teenagers smoke? I think they get influenced by their family or friends but I wonder why they want to start. Smoking is a bad thing and teenagers should stop smoking because it can damage your body, affect how you look and waste money. Teenagers, before you start you should think about smoking and how it affects your body. It might even make you die at a very young age.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Valerie Adam 2012

Wednesday, August 08 2012

With full of a disappointing loss Valerie Adams came in with a silver medal competing in the shot-put. Valerie Adams personal best was 21.34. Unexpectedly Valerie was beaten by Nadzeya Ostapchuk but only a short shot. Agreeing with the silver medal Valerie was getting a little bit happy for her achievement.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Precious Mckanzie

Precious McKenzie was born in South Africa in 1936. Unfortunately he had a chest condition which he luckily survived, which is why his mother Christena called him Precious. Precious was well known in New Zealand because he was a famous weightlifter.

In his early childhood Precious's dad was eaten by a crocodile. Suddenly his mother started drinking so she gave Precious and his sister to foster homes. Sadly their foster parents didn’t feed them properly so he didn’t grow properly. He only grew to 1.45m.

Without too much effort Precious did gymnastics hoping to be in the circus. Unfortunately he couldn't be in the circus because of his colour skin. He decided to do weightlifting instead.

He won the Bantamweight title in South Africa. and wanted to play for the empire games but he wasn’t allowed because of his skin color. They even refused to select for the Olympics. In 1963 South Africa finally chose him but he refused because he didn’t want to be treated like that, and be discriminated against.

He chose to emigrate to England. He also got married to a woman called elizabeth and was lucky enough had two children. After that he came to New zealand and was on our team for weightlifting. And he won a lot of medals.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Joshua Iosefo Brown Brother.

Joshua Iosefo is a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. He and all the other prefects had to write a speech to read to the whole school. But Joshua decided to write a poem about his skin color called brown brother. When Joshua read his poem in front of the whole school his friend Roshard recorded him and then his friend posted him saying his poem on youtube.

Joshua’s poem Brown Brother was very inspiring and it kind of sounded like a rap. His message is to don't believe or listen to stereotypes and don’t believe what others say about you. His message was similar to the korero that we say at Pt England School.

He wrote a great poem and it was life changing. It was better when he did some actions to all the words. That was the best poem I have ever heard from a prefect and it was trying to tell us something about stereotypes.

Click on this link to see his speech.

Precious McKenzie Aliza & Sesalina Practice

Preparing to lift the weights up Precious mckenzie was trying to concentrate. He was concentrating on the bars, His face was sweaty and he was gasping for breath as he was carrying those huge bars. Precious was trying to get the crowd's attention.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Matisse and Picasso

Picasso was born on October 25 1881 in Pablo Diego Jose Francisco in spain and died on April 8 1881, he was a spanish painter and drawn very weird paintings.  Matisse was born in le cateau-cambresis in france and was born 31 december 1869 and he died on november 3rd 1954 on age 84 and was friends with picasso and Marcel Duchamp.

Although both picasso’s “weeping woman’’ and Matisse “woman  with a hat’’ are portraits of women, they have different themes.
Matisse drawled a painting that was all about the  war, suffering and sadness, But picasso’s  painting used  different side views on one painting tat must of been hard work, but it didn’t look like he’s painting was happy or sad?

Matisse and Picasso had different kinds of colour mixer.
Picasso mainly used reds-oranges-yellow contrasting with blue, He used different colours on each shape on his paintings face. Matisse used all kinds of colours on his paintings face, And he had good shadings.

Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse had used different lines on both their paintings.
Pablo Picasso used a lot of shapes and very crooked lines, He even used  different kinds of shapes for his backgrounds. Matisse had good shadings on his lines, He had perfect Matisse had good shading and used very bold lines he made it look like it was smugged.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kiwi Kick

As I arrived to the courts my teeth were chattering, My body was covered in goose bumps, Rubbing my hand together trying not to make it  feel numb. The leaves were swirling, the wind was whistling and I felt like I was frozen and I couldn’t stop shaking. I raped my jumper around me so I can get warmer.

We meet two grown ups that was going to teach me and my class skills on how to play Kiwi Kick, their names were Sam and Anita. The first rule they told us to use was “faces away from laces’’ It was my favourite because it rumes. Then we learnt how to do a drop punt and a hand mark. I didn’t like doing the hand mark because my hand was hurting and it was getting red but at the end I started to get used to it. I was scared of the ball because it was flying everywhere and I thought it was going hit me but it was fun learning new skills.

They tought us how to play really fun games. My favourite game was Chetars vs Lepads, If the teacher calls out chetars then the Lepads have to run after the chetars and If the teacher calls out lepad then the chetars run after the lepads, And thats how you play My favourite games. Sam was teaching us and Anita was teaching a different class but we still got to meet her.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Being a year 7-Sesalina

Its fun being a year seven because we got new classes and fun teachers. We get to video in a green room. We can talk to visitors and help little kids. We even get to play on our little net books and we do amazing things and we go to Tamaki Collage to learn about Cooking, Wood work and electronics. We also do hard work like maths, And we write a lot to post on our blogs, And we all study hard to get better at everything that used to be hard.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh created a very famous painting called starry night. He also blended some of the colours to make more techniques in his painting. His style was stylised figurative and his texture was thick and had lots of brush strokes.

Daniella Hulme

Daniella Hulme is a NZ artist whose artwork “ Abundance’’ is inspired by the Pacific Islands. She incorporates flowers, fruit, and the sea and islands in this painting. Her style is smooth and simplistic. In order to show perspective she makes the mountains looks far in the distance by making them small. Daniella artwork is figurative and stylised.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Ben Carson Was born in Detroit Mexico, When Ben Carson was young everybody called him dummy. Ben Carson had a bad temper and was very violent. Sonia his mother was thirteen when she got married she had two jobs.

Sonia told Ben and his brothers to do their homework before watching television and they even had to write two book reports about the stories they had read every week.
Ben Carson Was struggling with his school work. When he finished reading all his books and his written book report he was at the top of his class when he had astonished his class mates.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sesalina @ Pt England School: My Learning Goals 2012 Sesalina

Sesalina @ Pt England School: My Learning Goals 2012 Sesalina

At the pool's!!

Did you know that the Warriors came to the pools while the Pt England year Seven and Eight's on their camp time. All the boys were shouting out WARRIORS WARRIORS more then three times. Every body rushed to the diving pool and jumped of the diving board. The hydro slide broke. I can't believe I messed out all the fun that they had at the pools.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pt England School Picnic

On a beautiful windy and cloudy Friday Pt England school decided to go down to Pt England reserve for a swim and to have a nice picnic with our friends. When we got to the reserve I was looking forward to go for a swim, Elizabeth and I started getting ready for when its our turn for a swim, then we got to take same awesome photo’s with the camera first we went down to the beach and took some video’s of the year1 making clay and sand castles. After that me and Elizabeth started covering our selves in sand Elizabeth looked like a chubby mermaid and she had shell’s all over her.

Then it was our turn for a swim I rushed and got my tall and sprinted in to the ocean I was splashing with excitement I dived under the water trying to be a beautiful mermaid. I saw Jessica lifting people on her shoulder’s I really wanted a turn so I went to her she told me to jump on her shoulder’s and I did when she lifted me up I was so scared I jumped off her back doing a big bomb in to the water and I went all the way to the ground. when I stood back up I started doing free style racing with Elizabeth I was winning. When Mr Burt “said you have 1 more minute’’
I started diving into the water and jumping on my friends shoulders trying to make the most of my time I started to look for nice rocks so when I come back from school I can make something out of it. I went on top of the big rock that Mr Harris was standing on. Then I slided of the rock and fell back into the water. Then Mr Burt said it’s time to get out of the water then I sprinted out of the water like lighting and got my tell and dried up.

After that I went and had a worm shower I was trying to get the sand of f my hair and got changed. It was lunch time I got out my sandwiches and went to get some fruit from Mr J. I was so disappointed at Osana because she wouldn’t let me have turn on the camera because she had like A whole hour on it but She was always kind to me so I let her have it for the whole day.

Then it was time for karaoke Elizabeth had a turn she was laughing and it was funny I was to shy to go up in front of every body. Rita was the only brave one there she stood up in thront of every body and started singing and clapping she was so good at this.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beach

On a windy and cloudy day, we went out to the beach I had goose bumps all over my hands I was shivering like i was frozen!!!
The sky turned gray and the waves came in a big rush like it was going to flood, and likely I had big warm jumper on me.
my teeth were chattering and my body was shaking but my toes were touching the warm sand!! sand keeps blowing in to my eyes so hardly that I cant see any more!!!!

I am a.......

I am a rugby player,
just like my big brother.

I am a good helper,
I like to give support
when people are hurt.

I am a friend and
I like to laugh a lot.

I am a kind sister
because I like to play
and spend time with my family.

I am a good swimmer
I like to swim a lot!

I am a netball player
my favourite position is shooter.