Friday, November 29, 2013

Swimming Writing

Diving in the pools my hands shivered as I swam my way threw the deep water until I got to the Other side. As I got out of the water I freaked out because I thought I was the stupidest swimmer  in my group. My teacher Miss King had really hard moves. I didn't learn them quickly but it was fun swimming.

Andrea was the coolest swimmer in my group she was so funny she couldn't swim properly like me. I was so lucky to have her in my group. I cant wait until we swim again but with no teacher because its too hard swimming with someone who is going to talk about my swimming skills.

My Swimming Gif

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Comparing and Contrasting Life in Malawi

In our literacy group we are comparing and contrasting our life to a person from another country. We have to compare our life to the life of Omar, a 12 year old girl from a country named Malawi.

Omar’s life at school is hard, because she has to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, and go to school. Before they start their lessons at 7:00 Omar and her classmates have to clean up the school.

Starting the day they sing the national anthem, gathered together in a whole school assembly, to start and finish their day well.

They have 2 breaks only during the day. The 1st one is at 8:40 and 2nd one at 10:40 and their breaks last for only 10 minutes. There are two  main sports that they play during school breaks , the girls play a game of netball and the boys love to play football.
A long time ago Omars parents died when she was a little girl that's why she and her siblings have to live with her grandparents. Omar has to cook for the family everyday, her chores also include fetching water from the well, tend the garden, pounding the cassava into flour and she has to help her grandfather too. He is a very important man in his family and also his village,  he’s the chief !

Life is hard in Malawi, schools don't have electricity and nearly all the kids can't afford textbooks. Some kids who are 16 sometimes stay on in the same class for years, because it  was too hard for them to pass school exams.

Girls have a very hard life in the village. Some girls are like mothers who stay at home and do everything for the little kids. Its hard for the girls to study  because there are a lot of things happening in their lives that they are expected to do.

In contrast to Omars school, our school in NZ has electricity and more money than Omars school. Her school doesn’t have any electricity plus, they don’t have much money. Our similarities are that we walk to school but, she walks 6 km to school, where as we only walk 5 minutes.

Another similarity is that at home we do chores too. Here at nz we do help or moms with chores but we don’t fetch water we get it from a tap or from the supermarkets.

At Omars school the girls favourite sport is only netball, but the girls at our school love to play rugby or Soccer even basketball or touch but mostly tag as well as netball. The boys at Omars country likes to play football, but the boys at our school love to play rugby.

There are more boys than girls at Omar’s school but, there’s an equal amount of girls and boys at our school (Pt England). The reason why there are fewer girls is that they are expected to stay home and help out the family. Girls in new zealand can’t stay at home otherwise their parents will go to jail or get fines. Girls and boys are treated equally in NZ.

NZ exams are different to their exams because their exams are at the end of the year, and if they don’t pass they have to get put down. In NZ if we don’t pass we have to do our test again but we still move up to the next class.

All though there are some similarities between our lives and theirs, we still a lot of different things in our lives.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Kia ora tatou kua hui mai nei ki tenei wahi  ki te kawe mai the  te aroha. Ka nui te hari mo to koutou kaha ki te aro mai ki te awhina i nga korero e pa ana ki tenei hui.

Greetings to
Kia ora

us all

Who have

Gathered here
hui mai nei


this place
tenei wahi


te kawe mai


the love
te aroha.

Great is
Ka nui

the joy
te hari


your support
to koutou kaha

ki te

aro mai

ki te

support / help


nga korero

e pa ana ki

this gathering
tenei hui.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

1st Day At School

Arriving at school I was scared I wouldn't meet any friends. I held onto my Mother wishing this day would be over. When she left I cryed and Cryed, my eyes looked like rain pouring down my face. When I looked around I knew this would be a nightmare. Nervously waiting I was lost. My hands were shaking like an earthquake, I was going to scream but didn't want to embarrass myself on the first day.

Luckily a kind girl came to me and start rubbing my back her name was Turuhira. Turuhira grabbed hold of my arm and said do you want to be my friend,  “Yes” yelled with excitement, but I was still shy. I followed her everywhere,  She knew where everything was, Turuhira was so funny. Strong and beautiful, Turuhira was the best friend ever.

Determined to draw a picture I got scared, I wasn’t an artist. I looked at everyone around me and they drew fast. I grabbed a red crayon and started to draw a dinosaur. I knew I had to be brave. “YAY” my dinosaur was finally finished, It had a red nose and blue spikes on it, I even had a green body and a sharp tail. I realized this school was so fun “I CANT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW”!!...