Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iesafo

Quietly our whole senior school was waiting for a special guest to arrive, his name was Joshua Iosefa!! When Joshua walked in the hall he looked a lot different from when he looked on the news and the video we had watch of him . He told us a lot of stories about how he wrote his speech and why he wrote it. I was so excited to see him say his speech and how he was on campbell Life.

We ask joshua a lot of questions. Like how he wrote Brown Brother Speech?
He even told us what intermediate he went to, and a lot of information about him his family including his Grand parents. He was funny at the same time and he really inspired me a lot and Joshua talked about his friends and how one of his friends were pregnant . It was a great inspiration seeing Joshua and his parents because i always wanted to see him in real life and so it did come true.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


term me and my buddies always liked to draw the best Cup cakes in a colourful Book with different kinds of papers. In our Colourful books we had all kinds of cupcakes we had drew, cupcakes with flowers on top and even twirly cream on top and sprinkles. Aliza and Mele was the best they had beautiful idea's and lovely decorated peace to make their cupcakes look awesome.
I had no good idea's so I keep copying Aliza I think she was the best of the best.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yr 7 and social

Lights were flashing and the hall was full of dancing girls and boys as if a concert. All my friends looked amazing they were singing the songs that were playing. The hall was shaking and the ground was rumbling and everyone was making a beat of sound.
Mubba looked beautiful in her mullet skirt.

Social was awesome!! When the GANGNAM song came on everyone was going wild and they were doing a dance to that song. It was really fun and crazy so that was the best thing about the social.

‘’Daggy ,Daggy’’!! everyone screamed trying to find the best daggy dancer it was like a challenge. Mary Loseli was taking the dance floor she was the master of dagging but sadly someone else had beaten her daggy style. There was a lot of challenges different Girls and Boys were winning.

Sausages were given out even drinks. The lights were colourful and the boys were dancing like they were getting married. Some of the girls were Sitting and the others was showing off their dance move. There was a long conga line running around the hall going crazy. There even was a funky style of clothes and shoes.The music was loud and the DJ was playing funny songs even the best.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sport Rotation!

“Yay!” everyone shouted as we sprinted in the hall ready for something new and different!
Our whole senior school were having a rotation of activities while our teachers were looking at the junior school. Everybodys face was happy, smiling like barney. We were all separated into house group I was in Te Arawa 4!! The leaders for my group was Aiden and we did a lot of different activities which were awesome and fun.

Jump Jam was fun and awesome everyone was stumping there feets trying to go with the beet. The room was shaking and the chair was falling onto the carpet just like an earthquake. Girls were shy, Boys were challenging each other and Miss M was shouting out loud. ‘’Ha Ha’’ Everybody giggled and laughed as they all dance to the rhythm.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal Setting Rubric...

This is one of my animations that i have to improve because i really want to be a good netball player for my school.