Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Story

While I was looking for easter eggs I suddenly thought to myself, why do we celebrate Easter and how it is special?

Easter is a big celebration of how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Everybody celebrate easter by eating chocolate eggs! Easter is one of my favorite days because I love eating chocolate like everybody else.

Christians believe that jesus was nailed to a cross and he got beaten a lot of times. He was left to die and nobody believed him. Some people were jealous because he was god's son. Its sad hearing somebody died for us. But Jesus is always with us.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dog surfing Narrative.

How could Milo surf he wasn’t a good surfer like his owner, he was just a dog who like sleeping and eating all day.

One day Milo’s Owner called Dante wanted to go surfing, He was a professional surfer. He surfed one of the biggest waves in Australia. Milo didn’t really care about surfing but his owner wanted to train milo. “WOOF” Milo barked at his owner, he didn’t want to go near the ocean he just wanted to be left alone.

While Milo was sleeping his owner grabbed him and threw him in the car boot. His owner drove quickly to the beach. Milo cried and cried! As soon as they got to the beach Dante opened the door, Milo sprinted out like a zombie. “Milo why are you scared” Dante said in a soft voice! “WOOF WOOF WOOF” Milo barked loudly at his owner.

Dante grabbed Milo and tied a rope around his neck which was connected to the surfboard. Milo was so freaked out, he was so scared that he pooped
is pants. Milo had to surf so he tried to be brave like his old man.

"WOOSH"! "SPLASH"! the sound of the beach sound awfully scary. He stood up and waited for a wave to come. Shak
ing and covered w
ith water Milo stood st
ill l
ike a st

ILO"! Dante yelled from the sand! "NO"! M
ilo sa
id but he had to make dante happy for the f
irst t
ime. M
ilo held the board t
ightly so he won't fall. "Ahhh"! suddenly he was between a big bunch of water
it was l
ike mag
ic. M
ilo fell and Dante came r
unning with a bg smle he was so proud.

ilo was so happy because he made a good effort and he never gave up

5 week Goals

This is a movie about what we have u during our 5 weeks of school, hope you enjoy.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog surfing Sentences

What am I doing here?

Yesterday my family and I went on a Surfing Trip!

On top of the board Milo surfed his way threw the biggiest wave.

Suddenly the wave pushed me of my board, But luckily Milo had a rope attached on his nick holding the board.

While I was making my why back on the surf board my wig fall off, Milo was  was bold again!

Paddling to shore, Milo saw his wig washed up in the sand, So he surfed his way to grab his wig.

Jumping with joy, Milo finally found his amazing wig.

Happily everything went OK and He was surfing like he was famous.

"Look I'm the best surfer", Milo shouted!!!

                                                   "WOOF WOOF"!

Friday, March 15, 2013

100 Word Story

Dashing down the stairs, tying her long hair in a ponytail. Crystal ran in the car and slammed the door shut. Strangely the car stopped, she was curious. “Ahhh” She shouted, as she got thrown out of the vehicle. She looked around and a lot of ugly faces was rushing to her like she was famous. “MOM”! Crystal cried running to the car when it suddenly drove of. She knew she had to escape before these scary people get her. Crystal ran into a rusty house nearby, nobody was home, it was clean and warm so she stayed for safety.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Three P's for Pt England way.

Pt England Way

We help others learn our School rules and make our students learn the best!

Pt England look’s after the little children around us and make sure they're safe and we all need to keep our hands to yourself.


Join in sports,Dancing, Music and Learning to represent our school.

The Black Hole

Zak was staring at the photocopier waiting and waiting for his papers to copy, when suddenly a piece of paper came out of the photocopier he was so happy. Hey this doesn’t belong to me he shouted angrily at the broken machine. Zak threw his pencil at the strang paper but his pencil disappeared into the  black large circle shape which was on the piece of paper, he was freaked out he didn’t know what to do next!

Strangely Zak stared at the paper for 40 seconds. He looked at the time it was 2.09am he was so scared he was about to cry. Zak wondered if he could get his pencil back so he put his hand in the black hole and grabbed his  pencil. Hey that wasn’t bad at all so he decided to steal some chocolate from the vending machine, As he put the paper on the vending machine he grabbed to bars of Picnic. Zak didn’t know what to do next.

For two minutes Zak was thinking a lot and he came up with a idea. He sprinted with excitement  towards a lock door which was guarded to protect the safe that had a lot of money inside. His face was happier than a clown's face. As he got to the door he placed the black hole on the door and stuck his hand threw. Zak turned the doorknob  from inside the room and it slowly opened.

Zack walked like he was rich towards the safe and taped the paper on the safe small door. His hand went frew the safe grabbing millions of dollars. He kept getting more and more money. He reached in to see if there was more gold he was so greedy. He then climbed into the safe and his whole body was stuck because the paper dropped as he was getting in.

A few years latter some mens were going to get the money. They were thinking a lot because the money was not in the safe it was outside of the little bank. The mens opened the safe But in stead of the finding money they found Zak’s dead body in the safe.

2013 Goals

“YAY”! last year at Pt England and I’m off to college. I love being an year 8 but I have to work hard to get into the best college. I am really bad at maths, I have to try hard at doing my time tables and Divide a by. I like writing but  have to make my sentences interesting and have a lot of good vocab. Reading is so important and I need to read more books to help me to create new ideas and have a lot of things to write about. This new year is going to be the best!