Thursday, May 30, 2013

200 Word Narrative

Mary had a beautiful cow who would follow her everywhere. But there was a huge problem! The Evil Queen of Storybrooke wanted her cow very badly, in order to make the biggest burger. Secretly Mary had her own plan which was to hide the cow.

Meanwhile the Evil Queen cried and cried, “WHERE IS SHE, FIND HER” The evil Queen shouted at her slaves. Rushing to the forest the Slaves went off looking for Mary and the Cow, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Walking thru the forest Mary suddenly saw a man, He came up to her and lifted her into to a humongous cage. She screamed and screamed, but nobody came.
The Queen’s slaves took the cow when he was in a big field eating grass. Mary was put into a room where she could see her cow be turned into a large burger. It smelled like dead flesh. There were heaps of cows going in the machine.
A man gave mary a key to escape. She opened the door and quickly got the cow. The Queen ran up to Mary and pushed her. Mary threw queen into the machine where she was turned into a burger.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

  • What are the main differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
  • The main differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes is about how different they use the insulin in the human body. The other reason is they both have different ways of talking about weight issues.

  • How do diabetics manage their illness?
  • diabetics manage their illness by managing their sugar levels. They even have to think carefully about what type of food they need eat.  If people have diabetes they will live longer  because its like being on a humongous diet.

  • What are the risk factors for developing Type 2 Diabetes?
  • The risk factors for developing Type 2 Diabetes is people who are overweight and people who eat fat food every single day or some skinny people who are unhealthy and have some food or fat issues.

  • What are the main health risks for people who develop Type 2 Diabetes?
    The main health risks for people who develop Type 2 Diabetes are Heart Attack, Stroke, Blindness, Kidney failure and poor circulation.

  • Summarise, conclude your findings on diabetes.
Diabetes is diagnosed when a person has too much glucose (which its just like sugar) in the blood.
Glucose is an essential source of energy for the brain and is one of the sources of energy for the body. Glucose comes from carbohydrate foods, which are changed into glucose after we have eaten them.
Glucose comes from the liver, where it has been stored. This saves some glucose when we are starved.
For people without diabetes the level of glucose in the body is between 4 and 8 mmol/L.
Insulin is produced in the pancreas and has two jobs in the body, the first is to transport glucose from the blood supply into fat and muscle cells, and it can be used for energy.The second one is to switch off the liver once the level of glucose in the blood is high enough.
Diabetes is the result of the body not creating enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels in the normal level range. It cannot be cured but it can be controlled. This happens because the pancreas cannot make enough insulin for the human body.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Making Ice Cream

Can Room 15 make icecream using 3% fat milk?

Set measuring cups and spoons,
Small and Medium bags,
spoon, bowl

1/2 Cup Milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon sugar
4 cups


1. 1st I poured 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 tablespoon into the small bag.
2. Then I put some crushed ice into my medium bag. My hands were frozen .
3. When I finished putting ice into the bag I had to put 4 tablespoons of salt I curious about the salt. Next I put the other bag of mixer into the ice bag and shaken it for 8 or 5 minutes.
4. After that the ice cream was finally frozen and ready to eat. Miss king brought chocolate and caramel topping. But I chose caramel!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill will be a big problem if it came to Glen Innes in Auckland. I think it will be a bad idea because we will lose people we love that  died from unhealthy food.

More and more people will be obese or even morbidly obese and that will increase people of GI to be unhealthy. The manager of The Heart Attack Grill warns them but still sells food and he even gives customers that weight over more than 300 pounds free food. How insane is that!

Dangerously if we allow The Heart Attack Grill to come to new zealand they will start opening more shops and everyone will start going there and getting sick everyday. If the USA sends their unhealthy restaurants to new zealand without us knowing their will be a lot of complaints and they will leave us with obesity spreading among us.

They produce food that is not real meat, they even put more fat in their burgers. They put a lot of grease in one burger. If people start eating The Heart Attack Grill everyday their hearts will be covered in fat allowing their customers to have a bypass surgery.

New zealand people will have a job if we allow more shops to open, But unfortunately our community lives are more important.

There are a lot of reasons why unhealthy restaurants should not come to new zealand and because of that we know many of americans people have died because of food.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


WILL-I-AM and Justin Bieber had sang their new song that just came out. I think this song is about WILL-I-AM's life when he was younger! How WILL-I-AM was raised by his mum and how he will one day strive to be number 1. He used to be poor and now hes rich, he used to be nothing but now he is something. The lyrics might mean that we can pursue our dreams and that we  can control our future.

WILL-I-AM greatly donated $100.000 to Manaiakalani school project. He believed that one day we could grow up and be the great workers and scientist that we wanted to be. He was a kind and loving man.

His song really inspires me to Strive to Succeed and follow the dreams that I one day could reach. To me WILL-I-AM is a brother to us Pt Englanders, I know some things about WILL-I-AM and it was so amazing seeing him in person. I wish if he could told us more about were he came from.

           "Thank you so much for your help".