Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Friend

Aliza Milani

Aliza is a sporty girl who has long gold hair with nice light light brown eyes. She likes wearing converses and vans shoes. Aliza likes to verse people at games and she also loves pets. Eliza is a year 8 student at Pt England School she has 2 brothers and 1 thats still in their moms stomach and 1 sister, Her dads Tongan and her mothers niuean.

Eliza is a awesome because she is very creative and haves a lot of ideas when we start to write. Eliza can’t wait until camp she just wants to jump in the bus and head off. Every time we play hand ball she wins because she is the best at hand ball I think?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Reflection!!

This year has been great because I was finally a year 7, and then i realized that it wasn’t so bad i thought i will get everything wrong and then I started to learn it and a few weeks later I was good at that subject (Math). Pt England School has a wonderful Intermediate it looks beautiful just like a Marae.

I enjoyed a lot in the year 2012! I want to try and do a lot better in school and i had a fun time at camp. In the beginning of the year i was a lot shy and everyone looked  different with their new hairstyles. I was in a amazing class which is room 20. I had my friends in room 19 but then i made new friends who was Eliza Milani and Elizabeth Cecil, They were awesome and kind and they both played rugby. My class is loud because they sing out loud all the time and shout to each other. THIS YEAR IS THE BEST!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Silently swimming Freddy the monster slowly crawled out of the lake sniffing the yummy smell of toasted marshmallow. ‘’Mmm!’’ said the Freddy.. Boom freddy started doing tricks freddie's eyes  sparkled as freddys cuteness shinned. Sonny the little boy frew a marshmallow at Freddy, and thats when Sonny realized that Freddy was only here for the Marshmallow. So Sonny keep feeding Freddy until Sonny ran out Of marshmallows.  “Ahh no more marshmallows’’ sonny ran for his life. Freddy sprinted to sonny and sonny grabbed a pillow and frew it away, Sonny ran away in the forest and Freddy got the pillow and toasted it but the pillow disappeared leaving Freddy with a frown.

NetBook Reflection

Having a Netbook is a amazing because we can research a lot of different things. Using google is fun we use it for a lot of important research like history or how to make toys and more awesome ideas. Everyone in Pt England haves there own google docs and there own email which is used for writing and sending important messages to others.  We have our own blogs for visitors to read or comment. Who doesn't like using netook!!!

When i first got my Net book i was so happy because using a pen or pencil is harder than typing in words on the keyboards. My net book is very useful because I learn better when I use my net book I make shore I'm in the right place. I use my netbook for learning not silly things I take appropriate photo, I charge my netbook every night ready for school, I put my netbook in a safe place so it doesn't break or get stolen.