Monday, November 26, 2012

My Poet About my Room

Where I am from : I smell fresh perfume  

Where I am from: I smell laundry

Where I am from: I hear loud snoring

Where I am from: I hear peace and quiet

Where I am from: I hear beautiful music

Where I am from: I touch soft blankets

Where I am from: I touch netbooks

Where I am from: I feel safe

Where I am from: I feel Lazy

Where I am from: I feel tired

Where I am from: I taste sweet chocolate

Where I am from: I taste delicious Chips

Where I am from: I taste a lot of different kinds of lollies

Where I am from: I see colors

Where I am from: I see the internet

Where I am from: I see myself falling asleep

Where I am from: I sleep peacefully

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forest Narrative

Marching on dim grass the soldiers had begun their biggest nightmare of all time.
The sky was dull, it was pouring with rain what could happen next.
Shaking with horror soldiers prayed for help.  “Get Down” yelled the captain as he realized war had began. ‘’AHHH’’ Soldiers screamed running to kill their enemy. Soldiers hid away others scared and threatened. The other Team was Strong all their mens looked huge and unafraid. I had a feeling we're going to lose.

‘’SAM’’ Screamed for help everyone was too scared until someone Appeared Who called it be I asked to my self. That man ran with his humongous sword and chopped of the mans head. Sam was happy to live. A man called ‘’THANK YOU PRINCE CHARLES’’ My face was stiff I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Prince told us to be brave and he knew we could do it..

Everyone wasn’t scared at all because the prince was there to help. ‘’NOO’’ our enemies Yelled as all their Soldiers had been killed 1 by 1. Our army got Stronger and Stronger we were like lighting. “YaaaY’’ our army yelled There were no more other soldiers standing from the other team.

Barn Narrative

“William’’ Where are you your not funny come out, Sesalina yelled as she was about to cry with a heavy heart. There was no reply. “Oh who cares,” Mele said “He’s probably hiding somewhere alone with his animal friends.” “ Hey that barn over there gives me the creeps,” Sesalina lets go see if Williams there. ‘’NO’’ what if someone bads in there Sesalina said’’.
‘’I really can't see a thing with all the fog shrouded everywhere’’ Sesalina replied,’’ Find a switch’’ Sesalina Found she replied. A familiar sound was coming inside of a room. I ran quickly to check it out and there was William. Tears came down his eyes like rain. . He stood up and hugged me really tight with a humongous smile on his face.

‘’Lets go this freaks me out’’ Sesalina whispered. Sorry for leaving William said with a sad look on his face. I had a big smile on my face again. ‘’Come on guys lets go back to camp where its safe mele’’ replied.
‘’Lets tell mum and dad about our scary adventure William shouted’’. ‘’Ok but you think they will get angry’’..... Said sesalina.
‘’Hurry up’’ Winned Mele....

The Bush

‘’Noo!’’ I don’t want to go its smells like poo there. There are a lot of snakes and scary insects in the forest I yelled to my mum as she was getting ready for our trip to the forest. Everyone was so happy except  for me. For some reason  I hated the wild I was afraid of a lot of scary things even monsters. My two brothers were the first ones ready in the car they had humongous smiles on their faces. ‘’Sesalina’’ hurry its time to go said Mum. I ran into the car scared of everything but I just pretended to stay happy.

As we arrived the forest it was full of bushes and the trees were enormous. I just can’t stop thinking about all the wild animals that might be in this threatening place. We started our adventure walking on the paths looking if we're heading the right direction. My little brother Toni found some warms He threw them at me I screamed and ran I was crying because i had one stuck in my hair. I grabbed it but it looked very scary but i managed to hold it.

I started to like the forest because there a lot of scary things but i could see bunnies birds and a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall was amazing i just wanted to dive in the water but if only i brought some togs with me. My mum thought  this was a lovely place to have a picnic. So we had a lot of yummy food and Mum even Brought my favourite sandwich. After that we started to explore the forest a little more.

I found a lot of deep holes in the ground but I didn’t go near it. I started to get used to the forest and the scary animals started to be my helpful friends. I took the rabbit with me as my pet to take home. I had placed it in the cage roughly because it was a lot of getting used to. My mum and dad were talking about the beautiful singing witch the birds were doing. My brothers were scaring each other and laughing at their own silly faces. The forest was my 2nd best friend And Mele, Elizabeth and Aliza was my first best best friend.
I started visiting the forest more often.