Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When my class left me to go camp.

When camp started on Wednesday I had to stay at rm 13 because I was not going camp and I said to my self I missed a lot of fun but I’m going next year I hop I will. I really! like going in rm13 cause miss moued is a cool and fun teacher but not better then Mr somerville. When I got there I made friends with taamai and I had lots of fun and then my sister sisilia played to so we went to our old class my class is rm 16 and taamai is in rm 15 and sisilia is in rm14.

We had peace and quite then we practice i dance four glee and sang stop look and listen and after that taamai made up a song it was a slow song. our teacher told us if we want to go and say hi to our friend but we were shy so we did’t want to go.Room 13 had lots of fun with us and miss moued is giving out prezzies to the people that was working had and i tried my best to be good taamai and sisilia was making me laugh a lot so I got in big trouble. FINALLY it was Monday back on my own class.

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