Monday, August 20, 2012

Sesalna and Aliza-Smoking.

People around the world smoke and that causes a big problem. Did you know that there are 4,000 chemicals in every single cigarette. Because of these chemical people who smoke can get sick or end up in the hospital ready for their lives to end. Smoking is a very bad idea because if you smoke for the first time then your body will want more and more because it is addictive. When the smoke gets into your body it damages everything even your heart and brain including your lungs.

More and more people buy smokes and they don’t realise they're spending more than 105 dollars every week if they smoke about a pack a day. Some people waste their money on smokes even though they have nowhere to live. Instead of buying smokes people would have a lot more money to buy shopping or things for their children.

When you smoke it can also affect your appearance. You start to have wrinkles because the smoke dries your skin. Smoking can cause a lot of problems such as it gives you stained teeth and even bad breath.

As you know teenagers around the world smoke, Why do teenagers smoke? I think they get influenced by their family or friends but I wonder why they want to start. Smoking is a bad thing and teenagers should stop smoking because it can damage your body, affect how you look and waste money. Teenagers, before you start you should think about smoking and how it affects your body. It might even make you die at a very young age.

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