Friday, November 1, 2013

1st Day At School

Arriving at school I was scared I wouldn't meet any friends. I held onto my Mother wishing this day would be over. When she left I cryed and Cryed, my eyes looked like rain pouring down my face. When I looked around I knew this would be a nightmare. Nervously waiting I was lost. My hands were shaking like an earthquake, I was going to scream but didn't want to embarrass myself on the first day.

Luckily a kind girl came to me and start rubbing my back her name was Turuhira. Turuhira grabbed hold of my arm and said do you want to be my friend,  “Yes” yelled with excitement, but I was still shy. I followed her everywhere,  She knew where everything was, Turuhira was so funny. Strong and beautiful, Turuhira was the best friend ever.

Determined to draw a picture I got scared, I wasn’t an artist. I looked at everyone around me and they drew fast. I grabbed a red crayon and started to draw a dinosaur. I knew I had to be brave. “YAY” my dinosaur was finally finished, It had a red nose and blue spikes on it, I even had a green body and a sharp tail. I realized this school was so fun “I CANT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW”!!...

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  1. Hey Sesalina,

    The first day of school can be stressful and I can understand why you cried when your mum left. you should never be worried about finding friends especially in a big place like school, there's always someone else looking for a friend and you'll always find each other, just like Turuhira :).

    Don't forget to go back and edit your work to make sure you've got as much spelled correctly as possible.

    Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings