Monday, December 16, 2013


Yr 8 camp was so amazing because we did a lot of cool activities all over rotarua.  We went to a awesome pool that look like a spa but we had to walk threw bushes and trees to get there it was so hot.
We went on buses like every single day but it was fun it was better than running every morning.

We went to the luge and it was so cool. we had to get into groups to go in the skyline I was with Turuhira, Kan, Jesiah, Mr Chong Nee and Hare. The skyline took us very high. Hare was so funny she thought we were going to fall she covered her eyes and everyone was laughing.

There was a shop called the Jelly Belly it was full of yummy jelly Beans. t was so cool seeing all the colourful lollies. there was even jelly Beans art work and you could eat the jelly beans .

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