Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Iesafo

Quietly our whole senior school was waiting for a special guest to arrive, his name was Joshua Iosefa!! When Joshua walked in the hall he looked a lot different from when he looked on the news and the video we had watch of him . He told us a lot of stories about how he wrote his speech and why he wrote it. I was so excited to see him say his speech and how he was on campbell Life.

We ask joshua a lot of questions. Like how he wrote Brown Brother Speech?
He even told us what intermediate he went to, and a lot of information about him his family including his Grand parents. He was funny at the same time and he really inspired me a lot and Joshua talked about his friends and how one of his friends were pregnant . It was a great inspiration seeing Joshua and his parents because i always wanted to see him in real life and so it did come true.

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