Monday, September 17, 2012

Yr 7 and social

Lights were flashing and the hall was full of dancing girls and boys as if a concert. All my friends looked amazing they were singing the songs that were playing. The hall was shaking and the ground was rumbling and everyone was making a beat of sound.
Mubba looked beautiful in her mullet skirt.

Social was awesome!! When the GANGNAM song came on everyone was going wild and they were doing a dance to that song. It was really fun and crazy so that was the best thing about the social.

‘’Daggy ,Daggy’’!! everyone screamed trying to find the best daggy dancer it was like a challenge. Mary Loseli was taking the dance floor she was the master of dagging but sadly someone else had beaten her daggy style. There was a lot of challenges different Girls and Boys were winning.

Sausages were given out even drinks. The lights were colourful and the boys were dancing like they were getting married. Some of the girls were Sitting and the others was showing off their dance move. There was a long conga line running around the hall going crazy. There even was a funky style of clothes and shoes.The music was loud and the DJ was playing funny songs even the best.


  1. Hey Sesalina,

    That was a great start to your social I hope that you put more interesting work and I hope you keep up the great work

  2. Hey Sesalina,

    This was a really good writing oh and its Dougie not Daggy. I love the bit about me doing the dougie it was cool. Kepp up your good work.